About Us

We operate on our family ranch in Nebraska, which has been raising High Quality Cows since 1992.

Miniature Scottish Highlands for sale

‘Miniature Highland Cattle Farm’, nestled in the hills of Nebraska, is a quaint 45-acre farm that has embarked on a remarkable journey. Our mission is centered around raising Micro and Miniature Scottish Highlands, ensuring that they possess exceptional genetics and gentle dispositions.

Additionally, we are committed to a generational reduction in the size of our calves, making them even more manageable and suitable for various homesteads. At ‘Miniature Highland Cattle Farm’, we firmly believe in the power of education and hands-on experience. We strive to be a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about the unique breed of Micro and Miniature Scottish Highland Cattle.

By sharing our knowledge and providing opportunities for individuals and families of all ages, we hope to enable them to experience the joys and benefits of raising farm animals on any size homestead. In all our endeavors, we hold a deep reverence for the divine. We dedicate not only our farm and its inhabitants but also our relentless efforts to the Glory of God. It is through this devotion that we find purpose and fulfillment in our work, knowing that we are contributing to the greater harmony and beauty of the natural world. Miniature Scottish highlands for sale.