Darcy’s Magic Lady


This girl is very special to us at miniature highland cattle farm. She is a linebred heifer. This wasn’t planned, but the results are just delightful. Mini highland cow for sale near me, Buy Miniature cows near me.

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Lady is a gem of a heifer. She possesses not only stunning conformational qualities but also a sassy and spirited personality. We were pleasantly surprised when Darcy, her mother, unexpectedly gave birth to her late in the season. It was love at first sight for me, and as she grew, it became evident that she had inherited a near-perfect combination of traits, thanks to line breeding.

Observing Lady’s development made me realize how rewarding line breeding can be. It enables the preservation and enhancement of desirable characteristics, which Lady embodies. Not only is she visually appealing, but she also possesses a fiery spirit that adds to her charm.

When it was time for Lady to undergo weaning and halter training, she proved to be quite the handful. She displayed her spirited nature and determination, making training sessions an exciting and challenging endeavor. However, with dedication and patience, Lady will be fully trained to stand and lead by the time she’s ready to join your farm.

I am thrilled to see Lady find a new home where her exceptional qualities will be appreciated. She truly is the full package – a beautiful, well-structured heifer with a delightful personality. Mini longhaired cow, Miniature highland cows for sale near me